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Neurological basis of morality (II)

A postscript to the earlier blog post Neurological basis of morality.

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain on Neurotechnology. New brain research is leading to second thoughts on our morality (Utne.com Reader,


The promise or peril of neighborhood listserves

Are you being listserved?(Financial Times, 5/11/07, Holly Yeager) on the social capital impact of listserves, including quotes from Keith Hampton about their general effectiveness.  [Results from Keith’s e-neighbors experiment on this topic will be printed in Neighborhoods in the Network Society: The e-Neighbors Study. (forthcoming). Information, Communication and Society 10(5). ]

For sure, localized electronic networks are usually more powerful than geographically-distant e-networks since they are more likely to be supplemented by or buttressed by real face-to-face encounters.  That said, the story highlights one listserve disaster in NYC where the building’s residents used e-mail as an excuse to say highly uncivil things to their neighbors that they would never say face-to-face.

What is your experience? 

If you’re interested in starting a neighborhood listserve, i-neighbors is one way of doing this.