Daily Archives: May 16, 2007

Increased youth engagement; Massachusetts Civics on the Hill

Mike Sances’ blog points out that youth are likely to be a force in the 2008 elections, citing the Boston Globe front page article “Youth Voters a Force in ’08” (Susan Milligan) 

 and the attached graph of increased youth turnout in 2004 presidential election. 

This is something that we’ve been pointing out for a while on the Saguaro website

But in this light, it is interesting that Social Capital Inc. and the Deval Patrick Administration (Commonwealth of Mass. Public Liaison Office is launching Civics on the Hill (May 21, 2007).   Massachusetts youth can register for this historic event through MassYouth.org.  [Deval Patrick made civic engagement a key theme of his candidacy.] 

At Civics on the Hill, youth, through an afternoon of civic engagement, can experience the energy of being an active citizen by learning about civics, and touring the state house.