‘Shoeless Joe’ Eat Your Heart Out

A friend recently told me about the Homeless World Cup.  It’s probably not related to social capital, although the inspiring idea is to form national soccer teams of homeless and have them compete for the World Championships.  This year’s finals are in Copenhagen in July-August (2007). 

One wonders whether this can give Homeless a renewed sense of purpose and pride and help shorten the social distance that exists in lots of urban areas.

And there is something about programs like this (e.g., Special Olympics, or Dancing Dreams where young ballerinas with cerebral palsey performed) that shows the power of people demonstrating their abilities beyond others’ expectations and in the process breaking down stereotypes.

Much of getting people to engage in collection action is increasing the perception that the other is an US, not a THEM, and programs like this help us realize our common dreams and humanity.


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