7 ways 2 b cre8ive

Saguaro participant and MacArthur genius grant winner, Liz Lerman is a dancer and wonderful person who founded the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange.  Liz recently issued “7 ways to be creative”, which are some of the collected wisdom of Liz’s.  The graphics in the original are cute (by John Borstel), but here’s the text version with a few enhancements:

  1. Rattle around in someone else’s universe.
  2. Embrace paradox.  Hold two [“contradictory”] ideas in your head at once. Find something to reSPECT at both ends of the SPECTrum.
  3. Recognize that originality isn’t the whole story.  Copy. Make

    variations.  Develop.  Diversify.

  4. Frame it BIGGER.  Frame it smaller.
  5. Turn discomfort  into inquiry.
  6. Think inside the box: let limitation spark inspiration.
  7. Add meaning.  Subtract meaning.

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