Another proud moment in pork politics

The New York Times reports that Republican Rep. Don Young, Alaska, the representative infamous for getting millions earmarked for Alaska’s ‘bridge to nowhere’ is at it again, and this time to benefit his donors, not his constituents.

In a 2006 transportation bill,  he added a $10 million earmark to extend Conconut Road in Florida.  Obviously his Alaska constituents didn’t care about this, and even the representative from that Florida district didn’t want the road and the local Florida county voted not to use the funds.  The road money was inserted to pay back a developer-donor to his campaign who owns property adjacent to the site of the road extension who would see the value of his holdings rise. When Young “was approached near the House floor by a reporter, [he] responded with an obscene gesture,” according to the NYT.

More grist for the mill for the need for tighter campaign finance reform.

Thank you Rep. Young for helping to destroy trust in government!  May you get your just desserts for having the disrespect for tax funds that come from hard-working U.S. citizens.


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