Supremes: Who’s Your Daddy?

 Recent rulings by the Supreme court limiting the rights of free speech in schools, campaign finance reform, the right of Lilly Ledbetter and other workers to sue for pay discrimination, and the ability to use race to achieve equity in schools, enabling companies to set minimum prices, among other rulings, show how much the Supreme Court has tipped to the right with the appointment of Justices Alito and Roberts.  [Slate’s Emily Bazelon has a piece showing just how wrong some liberals who knew Roberts were in guessing that he’d be a moderate, reasonable, and wary of overturning precedent.]
But the rulings, seemed the death knell for natural law, and a validation of The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model Revisited by Jeffrey Allan Segal/Harold J. Spaeth (2002) that showed that at least for the Supreme Court the law and precedent does not restrain personal preference. [Of course, perhaps we didn’t to know this after seeing the Supreme Court’s nadir in decision-making, putting an end to the recounting of Florida ballots in the 2000 election rather than enabling America to learn which presidential candidate, Bush or Gore, Floridians had actually elected.]


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