Putnam and Diversity (III)

The International Herald Tribune/Boston Globe had a lengthy article over the weekend called “The Downside of Diversity) by Michael Jonas about Robert Putnam and his research on the effects of racial and ethnic diversity on community cohesion.

It was an interesting read, although the article makes it sound like Scott Page (Univ. of Michigan political scientist) and Robert Putnam (Harvard, dept. of government) are on opposite ends of the diversity spectrum, with Scott showing how diversity can be beneficial and Bob showing how it can be harmful.  In reality, the two are much closer together with both recognizing that there can be benefits and costs of diversity, but with the goal of figuring out what policies or approaches would maximize the benefits of diversity, while minimizing any social costs.

(I’ve previously posted on these issues of putnam and diversity here, here and here.)

FYI:  Scott Page’s work is interesting; learn more about Scott’s work The Difference (2007) or other work here.

 The downside of diversity article available here.


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