2 other interesting pieces on Robert Putnam and diversity

I’ve posted earlier on Harvard’s Robert Putnam and diversity.  You can see the earlier blog posts here.  But here are some later pieces of interest that have crossed the transom.

Robert Putnam did a blog interview on this Open Left blog site.

There’s a good blog summary of the finding on Eternity Road.

And the Ottawa Citizen had an Op-Ed (Diversity causes short-term social pain, long-term human gain; Multiculturalism’s impact on communities not as rosy as advertised, studies find by Dan Gardner, 8/18/07), which misattributed Robert Putnam’s take on diversity (since Putnam himself in his E Pluribus Unum article talks about the benefits of diversity), but cites the interesting study of Matt Costa/Dora Kahn on the benefits of diversity in the Civil War.


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