Two recent summaries of Putnam diversity research; Putnam article available free until year end

So diverse, yet adverse to reaching out (Houston Chronicle, Lisa Gray, 8/30/07)

More Bowling Alone in America (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Richard Handler, 8/22/07) and follow-up article here.

And, good news, Blackwell Synergy Publishing has agreed to make Robert Putnam’s E Pluribus Unum article (from the June 2007 Scandinavian Political Studies Journal) available for free download through December 31, 2007 to enable more people to read the original article about the connection between diversity and community cohesion.

Other posts on this topic here.


One response to “Two recent summaries of Putnam diversity research; Putnam article available free until year end

  1. In reference to the diversity issue. One of the most devestating effects has to be its effect on global warming. People ebb and flow in and out of cities , going into work and away from the inner city poor to their suburbs in climate changing vehicles.
    Not to sound too mystical but in Bowling Alone there was a reference to Tom Green of New Bedford.I too am originally from New Bedford. Moby Dick from around the same time was ripped from the headlines from a real story of a whaling ship which was attacked by a whale(see Nathaniel Philbrick’s, Into the Sea). The real,nonfiction story had it that the crew could have sailed to the friendly Pacific Islands and ‘chilled’ in paradise until another ship sailed through port. Instead they headed back toward South America and tragically ended up serviving off the meat of their fellow ship mates.Quite a horror story.
    The crew just missed the report that the natives on the islands were friendly. We do the same thing with our ‘if it bleeds it leads ‘ journalism, focusing on crime in the inner city.Because of our fear, we head to the suburbs raising the temperature of the planet en route . We rock back and forth like a boat in the vast Pacific, waves of cars heading in the wrong direction because we fear the other race.
    The greatest problem of delayed diversity is that we may all perish as a result of our inability to promote co existence.

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