The pen really is mightier than the sword

I heard of a moving story about how to make teens aware of the power of writing.

Cedrick Steele, an 18-year old student in the College Writing Class, at Bunker Hill Community College was killed by six bullets.

After his class met in stunned silence, Wick Sloane decided to use his class to channel his classmates’ emotion into writing about Cedrick. He indicated that they would not be graded on this effort. He asked the class to use their laptop to get out their emotions through typing. At the end of the class he announced that he was visiting Cedrick’s family and asked which students wanted to share their tributes or come along and many did.

Read a moving account of that here along with some of the writings.

The story also reminds me of another program that demonstrates the power of words. A couple that are friends help teach literature to rehabilitate prisoners through the Changing Lives Through Literature program.

It is testament to the fact, as we discovered in one of Saguaro Seminar meetings about the transformative impact of the arts in drawing us together. See also this chapter of our final report.


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