Barack’s nomination and finding a trustworthy veep

We congratulate Saguaro’s Barack Obama on wrapping up the Democratic nomination for President. Assuming all goes to plan, he will be the nation’s first African-American major party nominee for President. [Various folks have commented on the fact that only Hillary Clinton upon losing could give an “unconcession speech“. If she can’t give an acceptance speech, she won’t accept reality sums up Maureen Dowd.]

In choosing a vice presidential running mate, we hope that Barack will find someone other than Hillary Clinton who can help to reunify the Democratic base of working collar Americans and older Americans. Choosing Hillary only shackles Barack to the scorched earth politics of the past as we witnessed in great quantity from her during the primary season. Moreover, as we often write about in this column, trust is an extremely valuable commodity and hard to repair once breached. And with Hillary as his Vice President, President Barack Obama could scarcely take a business trip without fearing a palace coup during his departure. Whether one’s grist is Shakespearean tragedies or the U.S. military during the Vietnam War, it’s hard to build an effective team around fratricide.


2 responses to “Barack’s nomination and finding a trustworthy veep

  1. There are many things to be considered and unifying the party will definitely be front and center. Trust is definitely important. Winning in November is a must!

  2. Hear, hear! I’m so glad the Saguaro Seminar (it appears) is stepping out and calling for an alternate VP candidate! I hope more follow suit. I listened with glee, I must say, to Nancy Pelosi–the highest Dem in the land (until Obama became the nominee at least)–state on PBS’s NewsHour a few weeks ago say: “I don’t think that would be the ticket that will win for us.” (I write a short bit about it here:

    I think that’s quite insightful what you write about trust–it must be SO key in the White House and high-level positions such as VP (as I imagine you might note is the case for social capital to be built within any group of people working towards common aims).

    Thanks for the encouraging post and the heads up about how Obama was a Saguaro participant, I didn’t realize! (PS–I guess Obama’s and others thoughts could be seen in the “Better Together” report that was published?)

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