More to Give: the unfilled potential of senior service

We worked with Civic Enterprises on a report, sponsored by AARP on the fact that leaders and government are not doing enough to fully engage seniors in service.  The report More to Give: Tapping the Potential of the Baby Boomer, Silent and Greatest Generation, with an introduction by our own Robert Putnam, ex-Senator Harris Wofford (a long-time champion for service), and John Bridgeland (head of Civic Enterprises), outlines seniors’ fears that they will leave the country in worse shape, but notes how many of this cohort expect to increase their service in their retirement years, and notes how various government or private-sector programs could play a big role in increasing this service (e.g., a better information pipeline of how to get involved, enabling those who serve to get educational awards that can be shared with seniors’ grandchildren or other young needy Americans, or expanding some of the cost-effective governmental programs).  The program reports on findings from focus groups and a new large-scale survey of Boomers, the Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation.


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