Would you dine with a stranger for charity?

Stranger dining - photo by memetic

Stranger dining - photo by memetic

Eco-activist Franke James was invited in an e-mail by a stranger to dine with her (in her home) and in exchange have $200  contributed to the charity of her choice?  Would you do it?  At what price?

The question raises social capital questions of trust of strangers and raises interesting questions of when chance encounters lead to interesting new ties.

Franke James probably would have felt like a chump if it had come to violence or roberry but she chose to trust (after an initial Google search of her dinner stranger).  Here’s the whimsical tale of what happened.

James think this might be a really nice model for doing good (getting money donated to charity) while meeting strangers (that might help build new social ties).


One response to “Would you dine with a stranger for charity?

  1. Thanks for featuring my Dinner with a Stranger visual essay. The security point you raise is valid — I would certainly not have agreed to the dinner if the “Stranger” (Mark Shouldice ) did not pass the Google test. It was obvious very quickly that Mark was an interesting individual who was doing good in the world. I also used the Tax receipt to determine that his address and telephone matched up. And I called him in advance to chat.

    Anyone who is active in the business world today meets “strangers” everyday, face-to-face and online. We need to trust our intuitions — and use technology smarts to determine if they are to be trusted.

    For a charitable organization to use this on any scale they need to be able to verify the hosts and the guests (tax receipts, credit cards, etc.). But I believe that’s a task which is quite doable, and could lead to benefits for everyone involved.

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