2 responses to “Economists ignore a critical third of economy: the social economy

  1. Social justice, like european countries or russia/ussr/china, come on get real people. What we have is a country turning into a welfare state, less people willing to work at common labor jobs and you know it. Hey if they can’t make it in sports, rap, government pud job then they turn to crime and drugs and you know I’m right. I worked at bridgeman dairy restaurant in Minneapolis in 1970-71 and did busboy work and dishes while I was in college so shut up. The liberals think to steal from they haves is justified, many of these people worked over the past 40 years to get what they now have. The youth of today want it all now, and Obama and his regime are using you ignorant people with socialism speech’s with no substance other than take from those who have. I believe in justice for ALL LEGAL American’s USA, but for those who pass up doing common jobs until they get to the job they desire. I say wake up your not above the rest of us who had to work menial jobs. Please take a moment to really look at yourself and be honest about who and what you really are. My brother and I were on welfare for 11 years after a divorce split our family. We hated it and at the age of 16 we move from iowa to indiana, mother and twin bro and I got jobs, so don’t tell me it can’t be done. Shame on you people who are beggars collecting free money from hard working Americans when in fact you are able to work. Shame on you professional generation after generation milking the system and its hard working tax payers. You owe yourself to be responsible and do your part, do something for your country and stop expecting your country to carry you.

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