Thomas Sander, Executive Director of the Saguaro Seminar at Harvard. What can I say about myself? decaf coffee, fast eco-friendly showers, all cotton shirts, indie music afficionado, shuns valet parking, speechless in nature’s beauty, would march for world peace, evolves so he doesn’t die…  [Follow tweets of ThomasSander]

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  1. Fabio Sabatini recommended your blog and it does not disappoint.


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  3. This is a comment on the Facebook April 30 post

    There are several folks who dispute the findings of the Washington Post article about Facebook fundraising:

    A. Fine Blog

    B. Beth’s Blog

  4. just starting to learn about social capital, thanks for this blog, great start, nice formatting too

  5. GuyBrandValued (@GuyBrandValued)

    Hi – very pleased to have found this blog and your wider work. I come from a marketing background, but via a PhD am now focused on how brands can convene communities and higher social capital, that in turn lead to more pro-social behaviours within – and ultimately beyond – those communities. Having written a book on the relationship between brands and social capital (Brand Valued), and as a contributor to the UK broadsheet press on the importance of social capital, my sense is that the theses around social capital suffer from being considered a catch-all solution outside of their niche audiences.

    Will take some time to properly review the entries here. But again, very pleased to have found your work!



  6. I’ve asked the neighbor we’ve known ever since we moved here to see how well he knows the people around. He was able to identify his neighbors and has been living here for 25 years in the same house. I was surprise how quickly he adapted to new people that moved in. Our neighborhood is very peaceful and we know everyone around. I lend more towards Joel Kotkin’s topic of “There’s no place like home”. My sister as well who goes to UNCG knows the whole city of Greensboro. It’s roughly 15 mins from home and she knows the community and people well. My uncle who always goes to the coffee shop every morning know the people there. When he walks in there, the coffee is ready for him to drink and he knows all the employees and owner. I think it’s important for people to stay in their homes and communities. The more they identify with those places, the greater their commitment to helping local businesses. It will help shape how we live and work and influence others to come back home after they finish college/work. This proves that social capital is important to understand one another and it makes people feel comfortable and safe at home.

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