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Barack’s nomination and finding a trustworthy veep

We congratulate Saguaro’s Barack Obama on wrapping up the Democratic nomination for President. Assuming all goes to plan, he will be the nation’s first African-American major party nominee for President. [Various folks have commented on the fact that only Hillary Clinton upon losing could give an “unconcession speech“. If she can’t give an acceptance speech, she won’t accept reality sums up Maureen Dowd.]

In choosing a vice presidential running mate, we hope that Barack will find someone other than Hillary Clinton who can help to reunify the Democratic base of working collar Americans and older Americans. Choosing Hillary only shackles Barack to the scorched earth politics of the past as we witnessed in great quantity from her during the primary season. Moreover, as we often write about in this column, trust is an extremely valuable commodity and hard to repair once breached. And with Hillary as his Vice President, President Barack Obama could scarcely take a business trip without fearing a palace coup during his departure. Whether one’s grist is Shakespearean tragedies or the U.S. military during the Vietnam War, it’s hard to build an effective team around fratricide.

Barack Obama overtaking Clinton in all demographics except 50+ women

An interesting post of Gallup, shows a sudden break in their polling towards Barack Obama in the last several weeks.

Obama now holds a 15% percentage point lead over Hillary Clinton overall, and more interestingly, given all the previous reports that the deviseness was causing an ever increasing number of Hillary supporters to indicate that they would not support Obama if he were the nominee.  While they don’t ask that exact question, they do show that among almost every demographic (other than women over age 50+ where Hillary clings to a narrow majority), a majority of likely Democrats in every demographic that they looked at support Obama.

I trust that Obama’s focusing on his differences with McCain is reminding lots of Democrats of the fact that they agree far more with Obama and his policies than with McCain and has thus started to help unify the Democrats.

Putnam diversity study may explain Obama-Clinton dynamics

Matt Bai mentioned our research on diversity and social capital in his “What’s the Real Racial Divide?” article in this weekend’s New York Times Sunday Magazine section, 3/16/08.  Bai talks about how  our research on racial diversity might explain why white rural voters are more comfortable supporting a transracial candidate like Barack Obama, since increased diversity in a community is associated with less inter-racial trust.  (Bai notes that strangely whites in more rural, more homogeneously white parts of the U.S. have been more willing to support Obama than whites in more diverse, more urban communities.)

See “What’s The Real Racial Divide?”  See Robert Putnam’s original diversity research, including his paper “E Pluribus Unum”  here.