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Video spoof of e-harmony called e-neighbor

Keith Hampton alerted me to this one.

I hope that Vivek Hutheesing of rBlock and Keith (of i-neighbors), who both have created very useful software to help us meet and get to know our neighbors, are not taking this personally. As people in the ad business say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Inspiring ‘yes we can’ video of The Black Eyed Peas, inspired by Barack Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ speech (given after the NH primary) set it to music and made a wonderful video, starring some of his friends, like John Legend, Scarlett Johansson, Common, Herbie Hancock, etc.

It’s a very moving video full of inspiration and hope. (Tatyana Ali and Nicole Scherzinger have amazing acapella in it.) Kareem Abdul Jabbar is even in it. See it here. said that listening to Barack’s NH speech “…made me reflect on the freedoms I have, going to school where I went to school, and the people that came before Obama like Martin Luther King, presidents like Abraham Lincoln that paved the way for me to be sitting here…and making a song from Obama’s speech.”

Social networking (what is it and class distribution in networks)

For those in the dark about what social networking is, Common Craft has a video simple explanation of what it is.

Danah Boyd has interesting preliminary research showing how technology mirrors class society with Facebook attracting a more educated and affluent user base than MySpace.  [Her talk is available here.]  The class segregation is somewhat understandable given the homophily of our friendships.  But at the same time, her preliminary conclusions are disappointing since one would hope that online social networks (but virtue of them being

Ze Frank’s humorous summary of Social Capital

Ze Frank, the webvideo artist, has a humorous video that describes Robert Putnam and social capital about 2/3 of the way through (in typical Zezian style).  Warning:  some of the language is a bit ‘dodgy’ as the Brits would say.

 What else have you heard or read humorous or engaging on social capital?